Saturday 11th April 2020,

Dear Parents and Carers,

As you are aware, the situation regarding coronavirus (COVID-19) continues to evolve. I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your support during the early commencement of the Term 1 holidays.

The Victorian Government has now advised that all schools will move to remote and flexible learning when students return for Term 2 on Wednesday 15 April.

This means that all students who can learn at home must learn from home. This is a very clear directive by the Victorian Government based on the advice of the Chief Health Officer.

All students will be learning from home, except for a small number of children whose parents are essential workers on days when they are not able to be supervised at home and no other arrangements can be made. Thank you to the families who have responded to the school messages in the last week. This has enabled us to finalise the students who will be attending on site. Some families have not responded to repeated messages. I presume that these families have managed to arrange care for their child and that they are supporting their child to learn from home.

This is not an action being taken lightly, and I understand it may cause you and your family concern and stress. Please know this step is being taken to slow the spread of the virus and ensure the health and safety of all Victorians.

All classroom teachers will be working off site so that they can support the remote learning of their students. Students who attend on site will be working on the tasks that their classroom teacher has set for them. Educational support staff will assist the students to complete their work with a Leading Teacher over-seeing the learning. The teachers have been working hard to put curriculum plans in place to ensure continuity of learning and to support the wellbeing of all our students.

We have identified students who need support to access digital technologies at home. Our I.T. Department will be in contact with these families in the first week of term to support each child’s remote learning.

This is clearly going to be a challenging time for all of us. It’s going to be critically important that we work very closely together to ensure that we provide the very best possible support for the ongoing wellbeing and learning of our students and your children.

Student Transport Buses will run but will only pick up the students who are eligible to attend school on site. The school car park will be monitored so that the students permitted to attend adhere to social distancing practices when arriving and leaving Jackson school.

Our first priority is to keep all students and staff safe and well. The safest place for all students is to be at home with their family.

Thank you for working together with us to keep your child safe.

Joan O’Connor-Cox


Jackson School