Dear Parents & Carers,

The greatest risk of transmission of Coronavirus (COVID-19) is between adults. DET and DHHS have instructed us to ensure student and family safety during our return to school. Social distancing practices have to be followed by all adults. Parents/carers must only enter the school grounds when essential. We must avoid any risk of congregation at school entry and exit points.

From Tuesday 26th May 2020 until further notice we will use the following drop-off and pick-up procedures:


  • Students cannot enter the school until 8.45am
  • Gates will not open until 8.45am
  • Staff will be supervising the front car park
  • All parents/caers are to remin in their cars
  • Students will walk into the school by themselves
  • Staff will support any child who needs assistance


  • There are 2 pick up times at the end of the day
  • Families must choose one time 2.30pm or 2.50pm
  • Gates will open for parents/carers at 2.30pm
  • Only parents/carers picking up at 2.30pm may enter the school grounds
  • Parent/carers will drive into the “Drop Off/Pick-up Zone” and wait in the yellow lines
  • Parents/carers will remain in their car
  • Students will be directed to their parent/carer’s car with support where required
  • Parents/carers drive out of the school grounds

If you pick-up your child from Jackson School, please fill out the survey below, indicating what time you would like to pick-up your child/children

Parent Pick-Up Survey

Kind Regards,

Joan O’Connor-Cox