We are proud of our dedicated and supportive staff at Jackson School. Our students learn from expert teachers and educational staff who are committed to ongoing professional development, enabling the highest of teaching standards.



Principal Team

Anthony Jackson

Julie La Bouchardiere
Assistant Principal

Bernadette O’Sullivan
Assistant Principal

Matt Gravatt
Business & Operations Manager

Leadership Team

Kelly Sherrard
Leading Teacher (Curriculum & Assessment)

Gabrielle Maher
Learning Specialist (Professional Learning)

Jaclyn Hartzema
Learning Specialist (Numeracy)

Sarah Brens
Learning Specialist (Literacy)

Michelle Zammit
Leading Teacher (Mental Health & Wellbeing / Years 5-8)

Helena McAloon
Leading Teacher (Community Engagement / Years 9-12)

Alex Baynes
Social Worker (Child Safety Officer)



Foundation (Prep – Year 2)

Belinda Farrington– Prep A (PLT Leader)
Chloe Dennis – Prep B
Jaclyn Hartzema / Sabiha Parkar
– 1/2A
Maddison Bosevski – 1/2B
Louise Bryne – 1/2C

Lower Primary (Years 2-5)

Gabrielle Maher / Jess Nye – 2/3A
Ethel Manjeya-Waile – 3/4A
Thai Doan – 3/4B
Justin Amato – 4/5A (PLT Leader)

Upper Primary (Years 5 & 6)

Uzer Coskuner – 5/6A (PLT Leader)
Alison Tamsett – 5/6B
Gordana Bekavac
– 5/6C
Eva Collins / Gordon Money – 5/6D
Yaqi Yang – 5/6E



Lower Secondary (Year 7 & 8)

Aaron Le – 7/8A (PLT Leader)
Julianne Pham
– 7/8B
Dash Alimi – 7/8C
Cody Guy – 7/8D
Kat Dent – 7/8E

Upper Secondary (Years 9 & 10)

Tori Berton – 9/10A
Taleisha Elston
– 9/10B
Gabrielle Riedel-MacArthur – 9/10C (PLT Leader)
Sue Reushle – 9/10D

Senior Secondary (Year 11 & 12)

Vu Nguyen / Dianne Burns – 11/12A
Pagan Newman / Rohan Wightman – 11/12B
Faith Agius – 11/12C
Kathy Berrill – 11/12D

Jo Portelli – 10-12A (PLT Leader)
Simon Davies – 10-12B


Specialist Teachers

Performing Arts

Nikki White

Visual  Arts

Ane O’Day

Design Technology

Paul Calleja


Kieran Prendergast

Physical Education

Ben Everson

Jack Vivian

Engagement, Wellbeing & Inclusion

Briana Petrocco, Naanthini Manokaran, 
Speech Pathologists

Tess Newland
Occupational Therapist

Janine O’Meara
Allied Health Assistant

Lisa Waters
Mental Health Practitioner

Sam Brown
Youth Worker / Medical Officer

Cameron Edgar
Hands On Learning

Tori Day, Laura Paarman
Art Therapists



Anna Jusup
Finance Manager

Karen Hamilton
OSHC Project Manager

Kristina Kamenar
HR Manager / SDTP Buses

Sharon Mazzeo
Facilities/OHS Manager

Jo Garofalo
Executive Assistant

Pushp Bali
ICT Manager

Andy DO
DE ICT Specialist Technician

Christine Tidswell
NDIS Navigator / Transitions & Pathways Admin

Thana Karuppiah
Work Experience Coordinator

Ingrid McNally
Enrolments/DI Administration

Employment Opportunities

For employment opportunities at Jackson School please see the careers page.