Student Support Group (SSGs) Meetings

A Student Support Group (SSG) meeting is held once a term for each student as a Parent- Teacher Interview. In term one the purpose of the meeting is to meet the parents or carers and allow them an opportunity to share information about their child. This is to support the student’s learning. In term two a (SSG) is offered upon request to learn about the students learning, review goals and strategies. In term three the teacher shares the students’ progress from the report and term four SSG’s are optional for parents. Under DE requirements schools should give parents with children on the Program for Students with Disabilities (PSD) the opportunity to four SSGs per school year. At Jackson two of these are compulsory and two are optional for parents and carers. Additional Tier 3 SSGs/Care Team Meetings are also conducted regularly for some students, including those who are in Out of Home Care or who are Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders. Please also make sure that you are connected to Xuno (Parent Portal) and SeeSaw (Student Digital Learning Portfolio) to receive important information from school.

Individual Education Plans (IEPs)

Individual Education Plans (IEP) are agreed with parents/carers at Student Support Group (SSG) meeting focused around achievement, participation and access/independence. Their IEP may also include other relevant plans or profiles as required, including:

Tier 1 (Universal)

  • Learner Profile (Educational Needs, Interests, Strengths, Aspirations, Skills, Activities)
  • Individual Learning Plan (ILP) see below
  • Career Action Plan / Pathway Planning (Years 9-12)

Tier 2/3 (Targeted/Individualised)

  • Medical Plans
  • Behaviour Support Plan (BSP)
  • Attendance & Participation Plan
  • Recess & Lunch Supervision Plan
  • Health Support Plan (HSP)
  • Communication Profile
  • Hearing Profile
  • Vision Profile
  • Personal Care Profile
  • Sensory Processing Profile
  • Mobility & Access Profile
  • Fine Motor Profile
  • Feeding & Swallowing Profile

Individual Learning Plans (ILPs) & Reports

Following your SSG your child’s teacher will finalise your child’s Individual Learning Plan (ILP) for the semester. An ILP outlines a modified educational program with long term (annual) and short term goals (semester) are based upon the Victorian Curriculum (Prep-Year 10). These are informed from our current assessments of what your child can already do. For Year 11/12 students who are working towards achieving their ASDAN and VCAL outcomes, these will be reported to you in your end of semester report. Parents/Carers receive an End-of-Semester Report from their child’s teachers outlining their progress and achievement against their ILP goals.These are emailed to families once they are published and are also available on Xuno for families to access anytime.These are based upon robust end of term assessments and teacher’s professional judgment. All students at Jackson receive reasonable adjustments to meet their individual learning needs. These include: differentiated teaching and learning, supplementary adjustments (from our Allied Health and Wellbeing Teams) and other support strategies.