Years 7 – 10

As part of the secondary program here at Jackson School, programs are designed to provide students with the opportunity to be engaged in a variety of different learning experiences such as Performing Arts, Physical Education, Design Technology and Visual Arts.

There is also a big focus on the following learning areas such as:

  • Literacy: Reading & Viewing, Writing, Speaking & Listening
  • Numeracy: Number & Algebra, Measurement & Geometry, Statistics & Probability
  • Travel Education: Journey planning, getting about, behaving appropriately, staying safe; ongoing assessments including problem solving and worry registers, excursion travel education checklists
  • Project-Based Learning: Collaborative environment integrating humanities (civics & citizenship, geography, history), science (biology, earth & space science, chemical, physical), digital technologies, the arts.
  • Project Based Learning-Enterprise Program (Year 9): Students work collaboratively in a chosen enterprise program, such as car detailing business or catering company, at school, focusing on employability skills; students learn to run a business and begin to identify interests and strengths for their future pathway.
  • Project Based Learning – World of Work (Year 10): Students work collaboratively in a chosen work experience and focus on areas such as safety within then workplace. From this student attend work experience and identify different sings displayed throughout a workplace and talk about the risks of not following safety.
  • Health & Human Relations: Body Awareness; Hygiene, Public & Private, Personal Safety, Cyber Safety, Puberty & Reproduction, Feelings & Self-Esteem, Risk Taking Behaviours, Personal Identity.
  • Health & Human Relations (Years 9 & 10): Sexual Health, Mental Health, Respectful Relationships, Discrimination, Racism & Equity
  • Camp – Camp’s provide students with a balance of structure and freedom. Structured activities and daily routines encourage positive practices even outside of the camp. They provide activities and exercises which helps improve problem solving and communication skills. Sports and other physical activities encourage movement and increased learning and independence.
  • Excursions / Work Experience: Throughout the year students, engage in a variety of camps and excursions e.g. Blackwood Day Camp, Swimming Program, Travel Training to local shopping centres such as Watergardens Shopping Centre and Work Experience where in year 10 students volunteer their time in the community in particular at St Bernadette’s Residential Aged Care located in Sunshine North.

Students enjoy sports facilities

Students cooking pizza