Students with Disabilities Transport Program (SDTP)


To be eligible for transport assistance under the SDTP, a student must:

  1. meet the criteria for the Program for Students with Disabilities or Disability Inclusion Tier 3 Funding
  2. live in the designated transport area of their specialist school and
  3. be enrolled at the school for three or more days each week.

Bus Companies

Skylight Bus Lines and Transit Systems (Sita Coaches) operate our SDTP buses.

Trained supervisors monitor Students on the buses, and all students must follow our school’s behaviour expectations of safety, respect, and responsibility at all times.

If your child cannot follow these expectations, this may result in your child being removed temporarily or permanently from the bus service.

Should you have any questions or complaints about your child’s bus, then please contact Jackson School on (03) 9366 4322 or email us at

For more information, see the Department of Education SDTP page:

Getting to and from school for students with disability | (

Jackson’s Designated Transport Area (DTA)

View our Super Stops Information Booklet for further information on our Transport Programs and Routes via Caroline Springs, Deer Park, Derrimut, Hillside, Keilor, St Albans, Sunshine and Taylors Hill.

View our Super Stop Information Booklet

Please click the link below to search for your home address and see if you reside within Jackson School’s DTA. Our office staff will work with you to determine the closest Super Stop to your home address.

Find my transport area (

Please note that Jackson School’s DTA changed in 2024 due to the opening of Dhara School in Aintree.
Students who have been enrolled at Jackson School before 2024 can continue to access the Caroline Springs, Hillside and Taylor’s Hill bus services until your child leaves Jackson School.

Independent Travel & Travel Education

Students and families can also travel to and from school independently. The school must be notified of this arrangement to make the necessary arrangements.

In Year 7, formal travel training will begin as part of their curriculum, aiming to support students in becoming more independent and safe using various public transport types. Once students are confident and parents/guardians have coordinated with the school, individual arrangements are created to support student’s travel to and from school using public transport. The school strongly supports the development of this skill for students where appropriate, as this can increase many career pathways for our students. The Travel Education Framework (TEF) is a resource that assists your child with planning a sequential development program that gives students the knowledge, skills, and confidence to travel independently between home and school using public transport.

Travel Training resources can be found through the following link:

Travel training for students commuting to specialist school | (