Careers Curriculum

Jackson School follows the DE Careers Curriculum Framework from Years 7-12. This has been modified to meet the needs of Jackson School students. This builds towards students in Years 10-12 creating formal Career Action Plans as well as receiving scheduled work experience opportunities.

Work experience has been developed to build on student’s experiences in the World of Work program and enterprise programs in the secondary department. Students then begin to have coordinated in school work experience in Years 9 and 10 and becomes community based in Years 11 and 12. Work experience opportunities are based on the student’s aspirations and support needs. At Jackson School, we aim to provide a range of opportunities so that all students have success in this area as they build to becoming independent adults. In Years 11 and 12 many students have the opportunity to be part of Vocational Training and School Based Apprenticeship programs that extend learning in these areas.

Transitions Beyond School

Jackson School prides itself on supporting all Year 12 students transition from school to their next career stage. Students make informed choices that best meet their own aspirations and individual support needs. Jackson School has specialist careers staff that support both students and families through this process.

The most common pathways students transition too include:

  • Transition to employment programs
  • Further Education & Training
  • Adult disability support services

Jackson School offers students and families extensive post school planning which include completing individual Career Action Plans, parent/student tours, open days, among others. All these supports aim to support students make informed decisions about their own future.

Engaging Parents in Career Conversations (Pathway SSGs)

Parents/Carers are also encouraged to attend a range of school information sessions that are open to all year levels. These are held annually across the year, advertised on our website and newsletters. In addition, parents of Year 12 students are supported by individual planning meetings to further ensure that students have successful post school outcomes. This includes support with NDIS funded pathways for students with active plans.


Vu Nguyen –  Assistant Learning Specialist – Job, Skills & Pathways

Dash Alimi –  Assistant Learning Specialist – Career Education

Thana Karuppiah – Work Experience Coordinator

Christine Tidswell – Senior Secondary Administration & NDIS Navigator