At Jackson School, we value Parent and Carers input and participation in their child’s activities and development.

We have twice yearly formal SSG interviews as well as many other opportunities to interact with Jackson School staff and programs.

We use many communication platforms such as Seesaw, texting, email, phone calls and communication books that families can utilise to assist the understanding of programs, ascertain their child’s participation and progress as well as build important partnerships between school and home.

Seesaw is an app that enables images, video, sound and text to be sent directly to parents. It is used at Jackson to be a direct and informative way to share student work and achievements and to get feedback from parents. A text service gives direct information re absences, transport concerns and important event information.

The school encourages family involvement through school events such as the sports day, winter fete and games nights.

The school council encourages parent involvement and this School council is an important decision making body that values innovation and accountability at the school.

Here are some links that can support families: