Jackson School Council enforces a compulsory school uniforms for all students at Jackson School.

Click here to view the school uniform pricing and order form.

To order school uniform you can either:

  • Order online with A Plus Schoolwear
  • Visit AGS Prints at:133 Bakers Road, Coburg North
  • Visit our general office with correct money and we will forward the order to AGS prints on your behalf.

All uniform is delivered weekly to Jackson School and will be sent home with your child.

From August to April Primary students must wear a sun-protective hat that shades the face, neck and ears for all outdoor activities. Hats may also be worn for all outdoor activities outside of the August to April time period, by parent or student choice.

For Secondary students we expect students to take responsibility for their sun safety by wearing a hat during outdoor activities and adopting other sun protection measures such as wearing sunscreen or using shade.