Is there a compulsory school uniform and if so, where do I purchase it from?

All students are expected to be in school uniform which can be purchased directly from the company or school by contacting the office.

Do I need to contact the school if my child is going to absent?

Yes, at Jackson we are keen to ensure that all students are attending school regularly. Please either write a note in your child’s communication book, email his/her teacher or call the school absence hotline on 9366 4322 if your child is absent.

Does my child require a laptop or iPad?

Jackson School offers students access to individual iPads and laptops to be used at school.

Is there a school canteen?

No, In 2024 we will investigate the fesibility of setting up and running a school canteen.

What are the school hours my child will be attending?

The school day begins and 9:00 am. Morning recess is at 11:00-11:30. Lunch break is from 1:30-2:00 and dismissal is at 2:50.

Is there an after school (OSHC)care program run by the school?

Yes, under a minister initiative, Jackson School families have access to free outside side hours care program ran by TheirCare. Please contact the office for future details.

When are parent-teacher interviews held?

Parents are given the opportunity to meet or speak via a telephone call with their child’s teacher four times a year. Of course you may always contact the teacher by writing a note in the communication book, telephoning the school or via email. We are always happy to make an appointment to discuss your child’s progress. Parents and carers can keep up to date with their child’s learning via an application called Seesaw. Teachers regularly upload information and photos/videos of student learning for parents/carers to view.

What allied health support is offered at Jackson?

Fully qualified speech therapists, occupational therapists and a school social worker with the students to improve and support learning success.

Is my child eligible to attend Jackson School?

In order for students to be enrolled at Jackson School, eligibility for the Program for Students with Disabilities (PSD) or needs to be established in the category of Intellectual Disability.

If the student is already on the PSD in the category of Intellectual Disability, and the student attends another Government school, the student can be simply transferred across to our school.

Do I need to live in the school zone to attend Jackson School?

No, you do not need to live in the school zone to attend Jackson School however you can only access the free DE bus transport to and from school if you live inside the zone.

Many families choose to send their child to Jackson School from out of the zone and either drive them or train them to travel on public transport.

What will my child be taught?

The students are taught the mainstream Victorian Curriculum and VPC (Year 11-12) curriculum however the educational pathway of each student is specifically tailored, through the use of Individual Learning Plans, to meet their targeted learning needs.

What happens when my child leaves school?

All students pursue either further education (Day Programs or TAFE) or employment (supported or independent) when they leave Jackson School.

From as early as Year 9, our Careers and Transitions Coordinator coordinates the career education of our students and works with families to determine the future pathway for each student.

Please see the Careers and Transitions page for further information.

Is there a school uniform?

Yes, there is a school uniform and the wearing of the uniform is strictly enforced.

There is a strong belief that the wearing of school uniform encourages a school identity, promotes a sense of pride in the school and promotes an ethos of equality.

Please see the School Uniform page for further information.