Students with Disabilities Transport Program (SDTP)


To be eligible for transport assistance under the SDTP a student must:

  1. Be eligible for the Program for Students with a Disability (PSD).
  2. Reside in the Designated Transport Area (DTA) of the specialist school attended.
  3. Be enrolled at the school for three or more days per week.
  4. Be of school-age and reside in Victoria.

Travel Education

The Travel Education Framework (TEF) is a resource to assist your child with planning a sequential development program that gives students the knowledge, skills and confidence to successfully travel independently between home and school using public transport.

National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS)

The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) is a new nationally based way of providing support for Australians with disability, their families and carers. The scheme is administered by a Commonwealth agency, the National Disability Insurance Agency, and will provide all Australians under the age of 65 who have a permanent and significant disability with the reasonable and necessary supports they need to enjoy an ordinary life. Student transport is in scope of the NDIS. During the rollout of the NDIS (July 2016 to July 2019), student transport will be provided by the Victorian Government as an in-kind service.

Bus Companies

Our buses are operated by Skylight and Sita through a tender with Student Transport. Students are monitored on the buses by trained supervisors. Students must follow the same Jackson behaviour expectations of safety, respect and responsibility whilst on the bus at all time. If your child is not able to follow these expectations, this may result in your child being removed temporarily or permanently from the bus service. Should you have any questions or complaints about your child’s bus, then please contact Jackson School on (03) 9366 4322 or email us at

For more information, see the Department of Education SDTP page:

Jackson’s Designated Transport Area (DTA)

View our Super Stops Information Booklet for further information on our Transport Programs and Routes via: Caroline Springs, Deer Park, Derimut, Hillside, Keilor, St Albans, Sunshine and Taylors Hill.

View our Super Stop Information Booklet

Use our interactive Super Stops map below to select or deselect bus lines:

  • See if you are in Jackson’s designated transport area.
  • Type in you address to see you nearest Super Stop with walking route to/from your door.
  • Click on a Super Stop to see am pick up and pm drop off times.

Morning Services

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Afternoon Services

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Independent Travel

Students and families also have the option of travelling to and from school independently. The school most be notified of this arrangement so that the necessary arrangements can be made.

In the later years of secondary students begin formal travel training as part of their curriculum, aiming to support students to become more independent and safe using a range of public transport types. Once students are confident and parents/guardians have coordinate with the school, individual arrangements are created to support students travel to and from school using public transport. The school strongly supports the development of this skill for students where appropriate as this can increase many career pathways for our students.

Travel Training resources can be found through the following link: